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Pilot Operated 2 & 3 Port

The K – Range Valves provide a means of operating high pressure fluid systems using a normal “factory shop” air supply (approx 5 – 8 barg). The low pressure service operates on a large nitrile diaphragm and is completely isolated from the high pressure system.
Type of Pilot Operating Valves

2 Ports – A series of valves which operate using a pressure between 5 ~ 8 barg (80 ~ 120 psig) to pilot a pressure of upto 450 barg (6500 psig). The greatest orifice diameter is 12.7mm (1/2″). The two port valve has an inlet and an outlet that is opened quickly using the pilot pressure.

3 Ports – The 3 port series uses a fully balanced seating design that selects between two outlet positions.