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The large hose capacity of this mobile machine makes it popular in mining industries around the world, along with various other industries



Our distributors stock machines worldwide for fast delivery to you



Lightweight and small design, easy lifting for on site hose repair

Product features and specifications

Features and Options

Sensitive diaphragm control Locking option available (A20-718-002) Numerous porting options (standard 1/2" BSP) Panel mountable Pneumatic and hydraulic test certification Suitable for pneumatic and hydraulic applications Other materials available: stainless steel, alu bronze & brass

Performance and Specifications Details

Maximum Inlet Pressure:

70 bar (1000 psi)

Outlet Pressure Range:

0.35~7 bar (5~100 psi)

Capacity Value:


Standard Material:

High Tensile Al Alloy

Dry Weight:

1.25 kg (2.75 lbs.)

Outlet rise / unit inlet fall:



A pressure reducing valve for use with air and gasses.  This valve is spring loaded and is designed to provide a reduced outlet pressure from any given inlet pressure within its rated pressure range.  The reduced pressure may be varied by means of an adjusting screw and locknut, although a handwheel is offered as an option.  It should be noted that the reducing valve does not include an integral vent valve but the downstream side will accept full pressure without damage.