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The large hose capacity of this mobile machine makes it popular in mining industries around the world, along with various other industries



Our distributors stock machines worldwide for fast delivery to you



Lightweight and small design, easy lifting for on site hose repair

Product features and specifications

For larger capacity pressure reducing valves where spring forces would be prohibitively large, gas pressure loaded diaphragms are used.

The 'dome space' can be charged from the inlet side of the system via small charging and venting needle valves, as shown.

Since the 'dome space' must always be filled with a compressible gas, the internally loaded design, such as this one, can only be used in gas systems.  Whereas externally loaded domes can be used in either gas or liquid systems, provided that a gas bottle or separate gas supply is used for dome charging.

Features and Options

Sensitive and accurate control of outlet pressure High flow capacity, ideal for gases and liquids Numerous porting options (standard 3" BSP) Pneumatic and hydraulic test certification Gauge ports can be incorporated in valve body Suitable for pneumatic applications

Description In this application a gas pressure is used in a dome chamber on one side of a diaphragm or piston to balance downstream fluid pressure on the other.  An increase or decrease of the dome gas pressure results in a rise or fall of the downstream control pressure.  The function of the dome loaded pressure reducing valve relies on the compressibility of the gas in the dome and therefore hydraulic fluids cannot be used for this purpose.  The dome loaded pressure reducing valve is particularly suitable for high flow applications.

Performance and Specifications Details

Maximum Inlet Pressure:

70 bar (1000 psi)

Outlet Pressure Range:

0.73~62 bar (10~900 psi)

Capacity Value:


Standard Material:

High Tensile Al Alloy

Dry Weight:

19.1 kg (42.1 lbs.)

Outlet rise per unit inlet fall: