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New two-in-one cutter skiver machine

Endeavour International will be launching a new Hydralok machine at the PTC (Power Transmission and Control) exhibition in China at the end of the month.

Called the Hydralok HCS, it has been specially designed to be able to cut and skive hydraulic hose with the same machine. It will cut hydraulic hose up to 1 ¼” four wire and will skive both internally and externally up to 1 ¼”. This offers significant advantages over what has been available in the market up until now.

Previously you needed two machines to do the two tasks, while other makes of machine have used a brush to remove rubber from the hose which caused problems for many people with contamination and significant amounts of rubber in the air.

The Hydralok HCS cutter skiver saves space in the workshop as only one machine is required instead of two, and, most significantly, it removes the rubber with a blade, which is safer, quicker and more effective and avoids contamination issues.

The HCS will initially be offered in three phase only, but we can also supply it in other voltages to fit your needs, please get in touch to discuss what you need with us. To find out more please send us an email at or phone Steve, Jess or Charlotte in the sales team on: 01225 446770.