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Can swaging machines be used for something other than hose and fittings?

We receive a number of calls every month from people buying and using Hydralok machines, with questions about the machines, how to use them and what they can be used for, so we thought it might be useful to publish some of the questions and answers here. This month’s questions was:

Can swaging machines be used for something other than hose and fittings?

And here’s the answer:

Yes swaging machines can be used for all sorts of other things where you need to fix two lengths of pipe or hose together. Examples of some of the other things our customers have used swaging machines for include:

Securing drainpipes – where you need to fasten two drain pipes together, either to make the drainpipe long enough or to mend a length of pipe that has broken.

Mending climbing frames – we had a customer whose job it was to go to different playgrounds repairing play equipment and he used to take a portable Hydralok machine in the back of his van to mend the pipes of the climbing frame and extend their life.

More questions will be stored on our website for you to refer to over the coming months, or, if we haven’t answered them here, please give us a ring on: +44 (0)1225 446770